Pooladkaf Responsibility Code
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یکشنبه 3 اردیبهشت 1396
بازدید: 1977
زبان : فارسی


Pooladkaf has constantly shown the desire and willingness to promote skier safety. In addition to people using traditional alpine ski equipment, you may be joined on the slopes by snowboarders, telemark skiers or cross-country skiers, skiers with disabilities, skiers with specialized equipment and others. Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Know your ability level and stay within it. Observe “Your Responsibility Code” listed below and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.

  1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. 5. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  6. 6. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.


Lake precautions

Visitors must understand that the lake in Pooladkaf Complex is deep and can cause trouble if not treated with care and precaution. At summer time, swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden and at winter, when the water is frozen, walking on the surface is also strictly forbidden, since the ice can easily break. Always remember to obey and listen to instructors at the site to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Construction Warning
Major improvements and maintenance occur at Pooladkaf Resort during the summer. Please be aware of any possible construction and maintenance and obey all posted signs and warnings. You may encounter construction vehicles on any mountain road. When using these routes, please obey all signage. Be cautious and yield the right-of-way.

Sun Protection
At 9,000 feet, exposure to the sun is 40% greater than at sea level. We recommend sunscreen with a protection factor of 15 or higher, as well as eye protection.

Lightning And Thunderstorms
Brief afternoon thunderstorms are common in the mountains. Although weather predictions can see these beforehand, in case you see a storm developing, return to the hotel. Precautions include keeping off ridge tops and staying clear of chairlift houses and towers, power lines, open ski runs, lone trees and signposts. Lifts may close on occasion, due to weather. Please take this into consideration.

High Altitude Environment
If you live at a lower elevation, you may tire more easily. It’s better to take it easy at first and drink plenty of water. Some visitors may experience symptoms associated with high altitude. Symptoms may include headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, restless sleep, coughing and difficulty breathing.

Keep Wildlife Wild
You are responsible for your safety and the safety of wildlife. Please help the wild by not approaching or feeding them. Animals may become aggressive. Our food may harm animals or even cause them death. Maintain a safe viewing distance. If an animal approaches you, it is your responsibility to move away and maintain a safe distance.Visiting the surrounding environment around Pooladkaf should be done with a guide who is familiar to the area to avoid any problem like getting lost. Lighting any kind of fire or damaging the trees in any way is strictly forbidden in the area


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