Amusement Park
نویسنده : مدیر سایت    
سه شنبه 28 شهریور 1396
بازدید: 1970
زبان : فارسی

Thriller Zone: experience breathtaking horror at the Pooladkaf Thriller Zone.

Zip-Line: a fun sport for family leisure which consists of sliding between two cliffs using a long wire. Anyone can ride and enjoy this device, from children to older adults.

Climax: The virtual world has been man’s keen dream for decades. Where the world is not completely virtual nor realistic. This virtual world can be compared to a world where at the same time, everything can be both virtual and realistic. Decades have passed from when scientists, engineers and theorists started to separate the world of truth from the world of virtual conceptions and there is still a long way to go. This achievement has been leading a path of constant advancement and today we can experience what was once seemingly out of reach.

Trampoline: Sports, jump, leisure and excitement in a breathtaking activity.

Fun Castle: The good news is that visitors won’t have to worry about their children anymore and the Fun Castle provides the suitable playground which is also completely safe and secure.


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